Voting for The HOAX

You can vote for my documentary by clicking the link below, scrolling down to the bottom of the website and “voting for The HOAX” in the comments section:


The top two winning films will form part of the live screenings this season at either Vancouver, or Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival’s respectively.

Rules: One vote per rental.
Voting will end Midnight (PST) Saturday, June 11th.

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Update with Instructions on Viewing My Documentary, The HOAX


Go to this website:

Look to the lower right of this website; you’ll see a button labeled, “Rent all $8.00.” Click this button and a Vimeo on Demand website will appear. To move ahead you will need to log-on to Vimeo or create an account with Vimeo at no charge as the page will show you.

After logging onto Vimeo, you will need to pay the Rent all $8.00 fee by credit card or Pay Pal. After paying the fee, you’ll need to go back to the festival website and scroll down to “20. The HOAX | Las Vegas Lift-Off Online 2016.” This festival made The HOAX, as well as many other films, as part of a series and they are requiring an $8.00 charge to view them all for one week. (Note: In the original website post, The HOAX was listed as #53, but now it’s #20. I have no idea how or why that occurred)

So you know, every film festival I’ve ever attended charges a fee. I’m sorry if people were under the assumption there would be free access. I have no control on what this online venue charges for viewing. Just know I’m not going to see any money that comes in. I promise you that…

I’m also sorry for your frustrations in trying to view my documentary today, but do follow these instructions and you shouldn’t have any more trouble. I was able to log-on and view my film without any problems when following this procedure. Also know you can stream anytime until Jun 13, 2016.


Rodney Gray

Producer & Director of The HOAX

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Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2016

My Documentary, THE HOAX, will be available online for one week starting Monday, June 6th at 9AM PDT. See details below:

Las Vegas Lift-Off Online

starts Monday 6th June, 9AM PDT


Click here to go to Online Festival:

Look for #53 – The HOAX

Please pass this information and link along to your friends, family and online networks..

Also feel free to Like our FB page at:


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Black Hills Film Festival

Black Hills Film Festival

The HOAX will be screening at the Black Hills Film Festival in Rapid City, SD:

Friday, May 6 – Journey Museum – 10 am

USA, Feature Documentary, 76 min

Produced & Directed by Rodney Gray

Touted as a protection of homeowner properties, the Homeowners Association (HOA) industry is actually riddled with abuse of power and lack of regulation, which is independently examined in this film.

2016 Black Hills Film Festival Schedule:!2016-black-hills-film-festival/p6ehi

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THE HOAX at Black Hills Film Festival


THE HOAX has been chosen to be screened at the Black Hills Film Festival May 4, – May 7, 2016.

More information will follow…

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Dallas VideoFest 28: Rodney Gray – THE HOAX

Rodney Gray

Gadi Elkon of Selig Films News interviews filmmaker Rodney Gray about his film, The HOAX

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The HOAX Documentary Website Update

Me in The HOAX

Producer/Director, Rodney Gray, during production of The HOAX.

The HOAX Trailer:

Greetings all!

The HOAX, has been submitted to two film festivals with more festival submissions to follow. Yes, like I mentioned in a previous post on Facebook, “thanks so much for all your patience. I know this has been a long wait and I greatly appreciate your enduring support.”

Along with the early submissions to film festivals, I’ve updated this project and posted a trailer (see link above) on the movie data base:

During this year, I plan to provide more updates on The HOAX; especially when this project is accepted into a film festival or any news articles/blogs are published (About this film or any major HOA scandals that arise from time to time). I also plan to post more trivia and controversial stories on the movie data base which occurred during the research and production of this feature documentary.

Feel free to post your comments here and ask your friends to “like,” our Facebook page:

Best always,

Rodney Gray, Producer & Director of The HOAX

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